Smile Dental Services provides you with all the services you need to maintain excellent oral health. Our staff is skilled in all areas of preventive and restorative dental care and our specialists will provide you with any specialty care you might require.

Family Dentistry

As its title suggests, our dental care professionals treat the entire family … from the youngest to the eldest. We encourage long-lasting relationships between our family and yours and would like to be your “dental home.”


There’s nothing more important than preventive oral health care and it’s a responsibility shared by you and your dental care support group. Regular check-ups and cleanings will help prevent future problems with your teeth and gums.


If you have developed cavities in your teeth, restorative treatment will repair that damage. If caught early enough during your regular check-ups, it will be an easy fix … waiting until you experience pain can be a much more complicated procedure. It is important that you see your dentist on a regular basis.


Endodontics is the area of dentistry that treats the dental pulp and tissues surrounding the roots of a tooth. The nerves of a tooth lie within the root canals and, if infection occurs, endodontic treatment is required.

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery is sometimes necessary if it has been determined that a tooth cannot be saved or if a wisdom tooth needs to be removed. Smile Dental Services can, in most instances, remove the tooth right in our office.


Orthodontics is a dental specialty that helps prevent, diagnose and treat facial and dental irregularities, such as mis-aligned teeth.


Periodontics treats the gums and the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth. Periodontal disease is one of the primary causes for tooth loss.

Pediatric Dentistry

A pediatric dentist has the expertise and training to care for your child’s teeth, gums and mouth. Every child should be seen by a dentist by the time the first tooth comes in – or no later than their first birthday.